CMRS Directors

past and present, including associate directors

image of Chris Highley Chris Highley
 Professor of English
 Director, 2017-2018, 2019-present


Professor Graeme Boone.Graeme Boone
Professor of Music
Director, 2013–2017

Leslie LockettLeslie Lockett
Associate Professor of English
Associate Director, 2015–present
Interim Director, 2019

Richard Firth Green.Richard Firth Green
Distinguished Professor of English
Director, 2005–2013

Jonathan Burgoyne.Jonathan Burgoyne
Associate Professor, Medieval Iberian Literature and Cultures
Interim Associate Director, 2010–2011; Associate Director, 2012–2015


Sarah-Grace Heller.Sarah-Grace Heller
Associate Professor of French
Interim Director, 2010–2011, Associate Director, 2008–2010, 2011–2012


Barbara Hanawalt.Barbara Hanawalt
King George III Professor of British History, Emerita
Director, 2003–2005


Ethan Knapp.Ethan Knapp
Associate Professor of English
Associate Director, 2004–2008


Sarah Iles-Johnston.Sarah Iles Johnston
Distinguished Professor of Greek and Latin
Director, 2002–2003


Anna Grotans.Anna Grotans
Associate Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Chair of Germanic Languages and Literatures, 2008–2012; Acting Chair, 2004–2005
Interim Director, 1999–2000, Associate Director, 2000–2004

Nicholas Howe.Nicholas Howe
Professor of English
Director, 1995–2002

In Memoriam by the Old English Newsletter


Eve Levin.Eve Levin
Professor of History, University of Kansas
Director, 1992–1995


Christian Zacher.Christian K. Zacher (English)
Professor and Director of English, Emeritus
Director, 1984–1992


James Kittleson.James Kittleson
Professor of History
Director, 1983–1984

In Memoriam by the American Historical Association

Joseph Lynch.Joseph H. Lynch
Distinguished Professor of History, Chair of Department of History, 1989–1993
Director, 1978–1983

In Memoriam by the American Historical Association

Stanley Kahrl.Stanley J. Kahrl
Professor of English
Director, 1969–1978

In Memoriam by the Old English Newsletter