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Lecture Series Archive

Mapping Minds, Bodies, and Worlds (2011-2012)

Lecture Podcasts:

Jorge Flores, Cartography, Iconography, and Ethnography in Early Modern Portuguese Asia
Robert Hanning, Holy Sepulcher, Lunar Lost-and-Found
Toby Lester, World Upon Worlds: The Waldseemuller Map of 1507
Nabil Matar, Britain, France and the Mediterranean: 1702-1713
Richard Unger, Sea Charts, Sea Power and the Visual Language of Sixteenth Century Political Persuasion
Valerie Kivelson, Mapping Magic: The Sites of Witchcraft in Seventeenth-Century Russia
Emily Lethbridge: The Saga-Steads of Iceland: A 21st-Century Pilgrimage
Richard Kagan, Policia and the Plaza: Utopia and Dystopia in the Colonial City

Translating Piety (2010-2011)

Mementos, Keepsakes and Tokens (2009-2010)

The Culture of War (2008-2009)

Translations (2007-2008)

The Marvelous (2006-2007)

Anniversaries (2005-2006)

Nature in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (2004-2005)

Collectors and Collecting (2003-2004)

Portraits and Biographies: Representing Lives in the Middle Ages and Renaissance) (2002-2003

A Year of Living Dangerously: On the Margins in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (2001-2002)

Reading Between the Lines: New Questions About Premodern Europe (2000-2001)

Time in the Texture of Life (2000-2001)

Home and Homelessness in the Medieval and Renaissance Worlds (2000)

Visual Life: Varieties of Cultural Performance in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (1999)

Europe and the Rest of the World, 500-1650 (1998-1999)

Communities and Identities in the Pre-Modern World (1998)

Medieval Studies Beyond the Borders of the Humanities (1997-1998)

Organizing the Past: Perspectives on Cultural Periods (1996-1997)

Manuscript Culture: The Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medieval and Renaissance Studies (1996-1997)