CMRS Language Reading Groups

The Center has hosted reading groups for Latin, Occitan, Old French, Gothic, and Old Norse. The setting is informal and all levels are welcome. Students may earn credit for regular participation.

Medieval Latin

The CMRS Latin Reading Group meets throughout the Autumn and Spring terms. The topic varies from semester to semester. Contact: Prof. Leslie Lockett ( for more information.


The Medieval Occitan Reading Group meets monthly for sight-reading and casual discussion of Troubadour poetry (with parallel modern translations). New participants are welcome; no prior knowledge of the language is necessary, although familiarity with a Romance language or other medieval languages makes it more fun. Contact Prof. Sarah-Grace Heller ( for more information.

Old French

Meet to read aloud in Medieval French and learn about the language and culture - for scholarly inquiry or sheer amusement. No prior experience needed! The group will meet Thursdays 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. ET during the Autumn 2020 term; contact Prof. Sarah-Grace Heller ( for more information.

Saga Club

The Scandinavian Reading Group meets throughout the year. Topic varies. Contact Prof. Merrill Kaplan ( for more information.

Gothic Reading Group

Gothic is the oldest recorded Germanic language, preserved in a 4th-century translation of the Bible, giving a fascinating ancient view of the language family that includes German and English today. Knowledge of German or other Germanic languages is helpful, but all who are interested, regardless of background and skill level, are cordially invited. Free extra assistance will be provided if needed! The Gothic reading group schedule in general will include two meetings per month while OSU is in session (Sept.-Nov., Jan.-April); one meeting per month from May to August; no meeting in December. For additional information, contact David Connolly.