Nicholas G. Howe Grant Recipients


Tamara Hauser, Dance

Alanna Radlo-Dzur, History of Art

Nicholas Hoffman, English

Colleen Kron, Classics

Carman Romano, Classics



Erin Gregory, History of Art

Justin Kuhn, English

Rachel Richman, Near Eastern Languages & Cultures

Christian Supiot, Spanish & Portuguese

Matthew Van Zile, Near Eastern Languages & Cultures

Miguel Valerio, Spanish & Portuguese



Bethany Christiansen, English

Consultation of Five Manuscripts of the Latin Herbarium and Paper Presentation at the 22nd International Conference of Historical Linguistics, Naples

Rebecca Favorito, History

"The Coronation of Henry IV and the Legitimization of Lancastrian Rule: The Lancaster Sword as a Symbol of Conquest"

Jonathan Holmes, English

"Thinking with Type: Rethinking the Stage Machiavel and Shakespeare's Villains"

Rebecca Howard, History of Art

"Movements of the Mind: Beyond the Mimetic Likeness in Early Modern Italy"

Trisha Myers, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

"The Ottoman Genre of Advice Literature: Origins and Evolution, 15th-18th c.”

Jessica Rutherford, Spanish and Portuguese

"The Colonizing Gaze of Jesuit Natural History in Sixteenth-Century Brazil:  Botanical Medicine and the Atlantic World Market"

Elizabeth Sandoval, History of Art

"The Book as Self: A 15th-Century Case Study of Visual Metaphor in Northern European Art"

Kristina Soric, Spanish and Portuguese

"Textual Production and Knowledge Transfer: Interimperial Cultural Exchange in the Atlantic World, Early Modern Period to Present"

Miguel Valerio, Spanish and Portuguese

"Black Confraternities in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Iberia:  Precursors of Black Confraternities in Colonial Latin America"


Kristen Adams, History of Art

"The Triumph of Rubens: Framing Meaning in Tapestries, Real and Feigned"

Bethany Christiansen, English

Consultation of MS Bodley 130; Paper Presentation at the International Medieval Congress, Leeds 

Frank McGough, History

"Religion in the Mezzogiorno: Competing Christianities from the Ninth to Eleventh Centuries" 

Victoria Muñoz, English

"Chivalry and National Myth: Spanish Literature in England, 1578-1640

Quinn Radziszewski, Classics

Participation in the Congresso Internazionale di Studi Umanistici, Sassoferrato

Jessica Rutherford, Spanish & Portuguese

"Natural Medicine and Healing Rituals in the Early Modern Atlantic World"


Lisa Iacobellis, History of Art

"'Grant peine et grant diligence':" Visualizing the Author in Late Medieval Manuscripts

Quinn Radziszewski, Classics

PIMS Diploma Programme in Manuscript Studies, Vatican City

Andrew Richmond, English

"Landscapes in Medieval British Romance"


Clare Balombin, French and Italian

"'Foi que doi': Saints in the Roman de Renart"

Javier Berzal, History of Art

"The Spectacle of Space: Visual Experiences in the Early Modern Scenography of Italy"

Claudia A. Cornejo Happel, Spanish and Portuguese

"Cultural Geography in the Colonial Mining Boomtown of Potosi"

Rebecca Mason, Spanish and Portuguese

"Gender Anomaly and the One-Sex Model in Renaissance Spain"


Mira Assaf, English

"Dynastic Marriages, Internationalism, Cultural Exchange, and the Early Stuart Age"

Andrew Blasenak, Theatre

"Early Modern Repertory and Post Modern Performance: Rehearsal Practices of Five Shakespeare Companies"

Whitney Dirks-Schuster, History

"Monstrous Births and the Spread of Knowledge in Early Modern Britain"

Jason Drake, History

International Summer School hosted by the Forschungsstelle fur Vergleichende Ordensgeschichte; "Basic Structures in Religious Life"

Michael Jean, Greek and Latin

"Auctor and Commentator: Tommaso Schifaldo's Commentary on Ovid's Heroides 15"; attending the summer program in manuscript studies and paleography at the American Academy in Rome

Nicholas Johnson, Musicology

"Musica Caelestia: Hermetic Philosophy, Astronomy, and Music at the Court of Rudolf II"

Colleen Kennedy, English

"'Comparisons are Odorous': The Early Modern Olfactory and Literary Imagination'"

Sarah Kernan, History

"Cookery Book Production and Authorship in France and England, 1300-1600"

Alondra Pacheco, Spanish

"Maternity in the Cloister: Motherhood in the Carmelite Convent of San Jose"