Nouvelles Nouvelles Podcast


Angel Trumpeting Nouvelles Nouvelles

The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies hosts an occasional podcast with visiting lecturers and OSU faculty and graduate students. You can find the podcast on Itunes or by searching in any of your favorite podcast apps. Since our podcast is relatively new, it doesn't always turn up, but if you search for our guests, you can usually find an episode. You can also follow any of the links below to listen on the web.

It was hosted by Steve Barker, one of the Center's graduate associates.

1 - Chris Woodyard on Ghosts and Fairies

2 - Frank Coulson on Paleography

3 - Emily Thornbury on Ornament in Old English

Then, it was hosted by Gillian Zhang, one of the Center's graduate associates.

4 - Mark Rankin on OSU's Rare Book Collection and Book History

5 - Whitney Trettien on Early Modern Book History and Digital Humanities

6 - Kathleen Walker-Meikle on Medieval Animals

7 - James Revell Carr on Folklore Music (interviewed by Rachel Hopkin)

8 - Lisa Klein on Ophelia (interviewed by Angela Volcensek)

It is currently hosted by Elise Robbins, the Center's graduate associate.

9 - Hussein Fancy on the Medieval Mediterranean World 

10 - Paul Milliman on Medieval Games, Video Games, and Pedagogy 

11 - Christopher Marsh on Hit Songs in Seventeenth-Century England

12 - Tara Lyons and Aaron Pratt on Early Modern Print Culture and Shakespeare