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CMRS Essay Award Recepients

Barbara A. Hanawalt Graduate Essay Award

2023: Amy Schofield, Spanish and Portuguese, “The Relación and the Repertoire: A Comparative Study of Historical and Contemporary Taíno Areítos Through Diana Taylor’s The Archive and the Repertoire”

2022: Emilela Thomas-Adams, History of Art, “Silky Sinew and Sutured Skin: Embroidered Manuscript Repairs and Cutaneous Piety in the High Middle Ages”

2021: Maggie Wilson, History of Art, “The Book of Fate Speaks Back”

2020: Maggie Wilson, History of Art, "A League of Their Own: Reading material produced for nuns in 17th century Salzburg"

2019: Clint Morrison, English, "Peripheral Vision: Choreographing Description in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

2018: Nicholas Hoffman, English, "Feeling Through the Anchorhold: The Tactility of Enclosure in Ancrene Wisse"

2017: Eric Brinkman, Theatre, "You kiss by th'book: Early Modern Stage Kissing in Romeo and Juliet and a Chaste Maid in Cheapside"

2016:  Manuel Jacquez, English, "Treacherous Instruments: The Poisonous Properties of English Renaissance Drama"

2015:  Peter Moeller, Music, “Variety within Unity: Sanctus sanctorum exultatio”

2014:  Miguel Valerio, Spanish and Portuguese, "The First Afro-Mexican Confraternity: Carnival, Betrayal, and Power in Sixteenth-Century New Spain”

2013:  Ankur Desai, History of Art, “Medieval Cosmetic Culture, Idolatry and the Painted Image”

2012:  Jonathan Holmes, English, “‘You mean to try my cunning’: Bel-imperia’s Agency in The Spanish Tragedy

2011:  Rebecca Favorito, History, “A Sealed Charter from the Reign of Edward II: Description and Context”

2011:  Ivana Rosenblatt, History of Art (Runner up), “Unbinding the Arma Christi”

2010:  John Richards, Greek and Latin, “Leonardo Bruni᾿s Bellum Italicum

Stanley J. Kahrl Undergraduate Essay Award

2023: Joseph Clegg, Integrated Language Arts / English Education – “’A fair-faced prologue to a further mischief’: Play World Fantasy & Colonial Trope in The Island Princess.”

2022: Piper Womelsdorf, English, “Chivalry, Romance, and Alternative Narratives: The Filmed Version of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

2021: Ruby Napora, English and Economics, “’Monstrous Hungry’: Food, The Body, and Gender in Beaumont and Fletcher’s Love’s Cure, or The Martial Maid.

2020: Megan Jans, Philosophy, 'Animal Farm: Human Dignity, the Natural Order, and Animal Imagery in Shakespeare's King Lear.'

2019: Emma Picht, History, “Theories on the Natural State of Woman”

Sam Turner, English; Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, “Meanings of Euphuistic Language in non-Lylian Contemporary Works”

2018: Logan Householder, Enlglish, "'This uncouth dream, of evil sprung': Art, Nature, and the Paradox of Godless Creation in Paradise Lost"

2017: Michelle Sdao, History, "Justin's Demonology in Late Antique and Reformation Christianity: The Polemical Rhetoric against Saint Cults"

2016:  Emily Ennis, History, "Manners, Medicine, and God’s Grace: Commonplacing in 'The practice of physick'"

2015:  Max Stevenson, Medieval and Renaissance Studies and English double major, “Sweeping Hrothgar's Floor: The Forswapan Pun and Theories of Humor in Old English”

2014:  Brett Warrick-Schkolnik, Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife, "A Spartan in Canton: An Inspector Maximus Mystery"

2013:  Carolyn Weltman, English and Environmental Policy double major, “To Capture the Tower”

Runner-up:  Kara Shockey, English and Medieval & Renaissance Studies double major, “The Mystery Behind the Bear: Lord Robert Dudley of Leicester”

2012:  Rachel Mihalko, History of Art, “Flemish Painting in the Counter Reformation: A Close Look at Rubens’ Christ Triumphant

2011:  Isabelle Bateson-Brown, Medieval & Renaissance Studies, French, International Studies, “Rereading Medieval Music: Codicological context of a Cistercian Service Book”

2010:  Laura Mucenski, English, “Elizabeth Barton, the ‘Holy Maid of Kent’”

2009:  Teresa Nelson, English, “Whores and Horses in Early Modern Drama”

2008:  Emily Rock, English, “You ha᾿ little cause to say so᾿: Misperceptions and Self-Perceptions of the Female Characters in Othello

2007:  Anna Messinger, Communication, “Half a Loaf and a Tilted Cup: The Diffusion of Hospitality Throughout the Norse Cosmos”

2006:  Roopa Thakur, English/Biology, “Chivalry and Courtly Honor in the Medieval and Victorian Illustrations of the Legends of Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain”

2005:  Kevin Ashenbach, English, “The Spirit of Giddiness: Man᾿s Subjugation of Text in Protestant Europe and Twelfth Night

2004:  Jason Randel, Engineering Physics, “The False Binary: Narration versus Story in the Roman de Silence

2003:  Michelle Lee, History of Art

2002:  Michelle Stiers, History

2001:  Jon Anderson, Philosophy

2000:  Mark Degroh, History

1999:  Kristina Toland, History of Art

1998:  Jennifer Jaye Puckett, Medieval and Renaissance Studies

1997:  Sally Burma, Women's Studies

1995:  Rebecca Karnak, English

1994:  Shi Liang Lei, Computer and Information Science

1991:  John Murphy, History

1990:  Emerson Foster, English

1989:  Frederich Schultz, History

1988:  Donald Fallon, English

1987:  Christopher Grierson, History

Stanley J. Kahrl Graduate Essay Award

2009:  Karen Bruce, English, “Constructing a Model of Disability for Ninth-Century Anglo-Saxon England”

Runner-up:  Sarah Kernan, History, “Bakers Behaving Badly and Other Seedy Stories About Bread in Late Medieval England”
Runner-up:  Ivana Rosenblatt, History of Art, “Painting the Glance”

2008:  Kasia Jazdzewska, Greek and Latin, “Hagiographic Adventure: Niketas and: His Life of Theoktiste

2007:  Ryan Judkins, English, “Aristocratic Wrappings: Transforming Magic in William of Palerne

2006:  Matthew Chudnow, East Asian Languages and Literatures, “The ‘Kiritsubo᾿ Chapter and The Song of Lasting Regret: Intertextual Dynamics in Murasaki Shikibu᾿s Genji monogatari (The Tale of Genji)”

2005:  Rachel Clark, English, “‘All this I give, let me possess thy grace᾿: Robert Dudley and the Rhetoric of the Queen᾿s Body in Gorboduc and The Lady of May

2004:  James Bennett, History

2003:  Steven Galbraith, English

2002:  Lisa Balbanlilar, History

2001:  Andrew Mitchell, History

2000:  Michelle Wolfe, History

1999:  Richard Groening, History

1998:  Thomas Stewart, Linguistics

1997:  Dawn Metcalf, History of Art

1996:  Cynthia Whittman, English

1995:  Jennifer Anderson, History

1994:  Thomas Olsen, English

1993:  Clifford Rogers, History

1992:  Amy Goodburn, English

1991:  Ansgar Maria Spinrath, German

1991:  Barbara Brumbaugh, English

1990:  Eulmee Park, Music History

1989:  Scott Davison, Philosophy

1988:  Robert Knotts, History of Art

1987:  Lois Niedzwiedski, Romance Languages