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Call for Papers

Shakespeare's Day: Popular Culture 1616/2016

Contact email: cmrs_gaa@osu.edu

The submission deadline for abstracts and panel proposals is October 15, 2015. Submissions after that date will be happily received, but cannot be guaranteed full consideration. Abstracts may be submitted via email to cmrs_gaa@osu.edu.


February 19-20, 2016

Ohio Union - The Ohio State University


On February 19-20, 2016, the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies will host its third annual celebration of popular culture and the deep past at the Ohio State University, with ‘Shakespeare’s Day: Popular Culture 1616 / 2016,’ an exploration of popular identities past and present with special attention to the world of Shakespeare's time.  As in past years, this event will feature a scholarly conference (featuring papers, round tables, and other academic events) nested inside of a Renaissance-faire-like carnival (featuring exhibits, gaming, contests, and activities of all kinds).

We invite proposals for papers, sessions, workshops, readings, re-enactments, and other presentations or activities, academic or non-academic.  Individual proposals do not have to address both 17th- and 21st-century issues, but we shall seek some balance of the two in the overall planning.  Proposals directly involving Shakespeare and his English environment are encouraged, but we also invite presentations on the broader world of his time and ours, ranging from Cervantes to commedia dell'arte, colonial life, and beyond.  Proposals should evoke or thematize the 'popular' in some way, with regard to literature and the arts, sports and gaming, food and drink, artisans and consumers, material, intellectual, and religious culture, or other dimensions of everyday life.  Please consult our website for further details (http://cmrs.osu.edu/events/pcdp/2016-shakespeares-day).