CMRS Faculty Affiliates

Alison  Beach
Associate Professor, History
257 Dulles Hall
David  Brakke
Professor and Engle Chair, History
230 Dulles Hall
David Clampitt
Associate Professor & Area Head, Music
Nena  Couch
Professor & Curator, Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute
Frank T. Coulson
Professor, Classics; Director, Palaeography
414 University Hall
Howard  Crane
Professor Emeritus, History
David Cressy
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, History
Stephen  Dale
Professor Emeritus, History
Robert  Davis
Professor Emeritus, History
248 Dulles Hall
Richard  Davis
Professor Emeritus, NELC
Alcira Dueñas
Associate Professor, History
244 Reese Hall
Carter Findley
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, History
Carole  Fink
Distinguished Professor Emerita, History
Mark Fullerton
Professor, History of Art and Classics
Angelika  Gerbes
Associate Professor Emerita, Dance
Meow Hui Goh
Associate Professor, DEALL
358 Hagerty Hall
Matthew  Goldish
Professor, History
306 Dulles Hall
Timothy E. Gregory
Professor, History
338 Dulles Hall
Anna A. Grotans
Associate Professor, German
Barbara  Haeger
Associate Professor, History of Art
David E.  Hahm
Professor Emeritus, Classics
Tom  Hawkins
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Classics
Tryntje  Helfferich
Assistant Professor, History (Lima)
Sarah Johnston
Arts & Humanities Distinguished Professor of Religion
414 University Hall
Christopher A. Jones
Professor, English
460 Denney Hall
Brian D. Joseph
Distinguished Professor, Linguistics and Kenneth E. Naylor Professor, South Slavic Languages and Linguistics
Gregory  Jusdanis
Humanities Distinguished Professor, Classics and Director of Modern Greek Studies
272 University Hall
Anthony  Kaldellis
Professor, Classics
450B University Hall
John N. King
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, English
10,500 Kings Lane
Lisa Kiser
Professor Emerita, English
Christian  Kleinbub
Associate Professor and Chair of Graduate Studies, History of Art
Ethan  Knapp
Associate Professor, English
472 Denney Hall
Elizabeth Zeman  Kolkovich
Assistant Professor, English (Mansfield Campus)
227 Ovalwood Hall
Donald Larson
Associate Professor Emeritus, SPPO
Scott  Levi
Associate Professor, Histoy
Morgan  Liu
Associate Professor, NELC
Fernando  Martinez-Gil
Associate Professor, Hispanic Linguistics
Arline Meyer
Associate Professor Emeritus, History of Art
Anne Morganstern
Professor Emeritus, History of Art
Julia Nelson-Hawkins
Associate Professor, Classics
428 University Hall
Terence  Odlin
Professor Emeritus, English
421 Denney Hall
Geoffrey  Parker
Andreas Dorpalen Professor, History
Shelley  Quinn
Associate Professor, Japanese
350 Hagerty Hall
Wayne Redenbarger
Associate Professor Emeritus, SPPO
Daniel  Reff
Professor, Comparative Studies
430 Hagerty Hall
Joy Reilly
Professor Emerita, Theatre
Kristina  Sessa
Associate Professor, History
Clare A. Simmons
Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, English
571 Denney Hall
Richard  Torrance
Professor, Japanese
364 Hagerty Hall
Galal  Walker
Professor, Chinese
386 Hagerty Hall
Dieter  Wanner
Professor Emeritus, Hispanic Linguistics
Sabra Webber
Professor, Comparative Studies and NELC
314 Hagerty Hall
Karl  Whittington
Associate Professor and Chair of Undergraduate Studies, History of Art
Luke  Wilson
Associate Professor, English
521 Denney Hall
Karen A. Winstead
Professor, English
532 Denney Hall
Christian  Zacher
Professor Emeritus, English
421 Denney Hall
Ying Zhang
Assistant Professor, History

CMRS Advisory Committee

Sara M. Butler
Professor and King George III Chair, History
Daniel  Collins
Associate Professor, Slavic
Naomi Fukumori
Associate Professor, DEALL
354 Hagerty Hall
Fritz Graf
Distinguished Professor, Classics; Director, Epigraphy
414 University Hall
Curator, Rare Books and Manuscripts Library
Merrill Kaplan
Associate Professor German and Director, Scandinavian Program
464 Denney Hall
Leslie  Lockett
Interim Director, CMRS; Associate Professor, English
460 Denney Hall

CMRS Graduate Students